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  Kate Willoughby Cavie 1887 - 1961 My grandmother and the inspiration for this project.


No, not Caviidae, the family of South American rodents but people with the surnames Cavie, Cavey, Cavy and rarer variants. On this site you will find much of what I know about these families worldwide. What you will not find is information about living or possibly living individuals. But I am interested in you so if you are a Cavie, Cavey or Cavy or are descended from one then please contact me; I welcome additional information, corrections and comments.

Cavie is my grandmother’s maiden name and incidentally following family tradition my father’s middle name. Most if not all Cavies living in England today are my cousins descended from William Cavie (1782-1855) of Tunbridge Wells, Kent. The major variant of the name is Cavey and has multiple origins in England, is an anglicised Irish name and is also native to France. The project is complex, far from complete and is a work in progress. Regular updates will be made.

I have a DNA project set up and would very much like to hear from any male Cav(i)(e)(y) interested in taking a Y-DNA test. If you are a male or female Cav(i)(e)(y) descendant and take or have taken an autosomal DNA test then you may find cousins with whom you share Cav(i)(e)(y) ancestors. The project website is Cavie DNA Project.

If you wish to find out more about the families that married my Cavie ancestors then please see My Stevenson Ancestors Web Site.

For more information about one-name studies go to The Guild of One-Name Studies.

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Feature Articles

feature 1 Alexandrine Cavey (1860 - 1893) Born in France to a French born mother but her father was descended from a Cavey family in Devon, England.

feature 2 John (Jack) Cavie and wife Elsie in 1962 John is one of the many descendants of William Cavie (1782-1855) who had 10 sons (all but one surviving to adulthood) and a daughter.

feature 3 Vale Royal Chapel Tunbridge Wells Kent Here Sydney Cavie married Eliza Willoughby in 1884. Around 1900 he volunteered to go to South Africa as a civilian saddler to support the Army in the Boer War. He never returned and most likely deserted his wife and four daughters. No further records of him have been found.

feature 4 Violet Ellwood Cavie and Mavis Otterlene Cavie Following Sydney's disappearance Eliza moved from her native Cornwall where Sydney had a saddlery to Leicester with her daughters Mary, Kate, Violet and Mavis. It was here that all the girls married.

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